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Alien invasion by Steele
April 28, 2011, 3:20 pm
Filed under: Get Off My Lawn, New music, Shit I Hate But Secretly Love, videoz

I’ve been sitting on a shameful secret for a couple of weeks now. The truth is, despite the vicious opinions I have long spewed in her general direction, I cannot deny my affection for Katy Perry’s new single. This has led to a vigorous debate in my head.
IN MY DEFENSE: “E.T.” is kind of kinky and dirty in a more original way than her normal faux-kinky posturing. Also, very well-produced.
BUT YOU BASICALLY SAID SHE IS THE PROBLEM WITH POP MUSIC TODAY: I know. And I still think so. Her voice is terrible. Still terrible in this song. And the song is so silly and absurd.
IN MY DEFENSE: But that’s what I like about it! It’s completely ridiculous. “You’re an alien”? “Ready for abduction”? When’s the last time you heard a song that was an extended alien metaphor?
NEVER, BECAUSE IT’S A DUMB IDEA: Yeah, I know. But at least this is something different! Plus…
IN MY DEFENSE: It has Kanye. His contribution is as laughable as everything else. His “I’mma disrobe you, then I’mma probe you” is gross and hilarious, but it’s then followed by the slightly startling, “See, I abducted you, so I tell you what to do. I TELL YOU WHAT TO DO”, which is, I’ll say it, kind of hot.

The video is something else, too. It reminds me of Bjork.


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