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campy clams, hoorah by v
April 27, 2011, 12:11 pm
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i wish you could see how glittery their faces were

Seeing Shannon and the Clams at Glasslands at Brooklyn on Saturday night was an unexpectedly circuslike delight. The Oakland-based band recently released its second album, Sleep Talk, which a fan-friend claims is leagues beyond the first. I mentioned them on this blog a while back as having an especially distinctive beachy-throwback sound, but I burn out on it quickly — something about the vocals becomes grating during extended listening.

BUT I did concede that the music could be fun in a live setting, and translate it did. The three piece-group — glittery Shannon and her suspender-clad drummer and guitarist — is hyper-campy and amazingly fun. The guitarist’s jokey voice, the drummer’s practiced shouting, Shannon’s effortless rasp — you can tell these people are entirely in sync. What struck me was how weirdly precise all of it sounded, despite the overall sound being mostly off-the-rails sorta-punk.

My favorite moment was “The Cult Song,” in which the (BADASS) drummer growls a string of nonsense while the guitarist chants ONE OF US! ONE OF US! and Shannon sings about being sick of the kool-aid.


What I did not love was Glasslands’ new remodeling. Now the stage is at the back and they’ve installed an additional bar — meaning they can cram more people in and sell more booze. Which is great for Glasslands, but the crush of people was something I’d never experienced in their previous setup. GLASSLANDS HAS BEEN DEMOTED FROM MY FAVORITE VENUE. You won’t see much of those paper clouds up on this blog anymore. Sniffle

Hear more Shannon at theirspace.


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