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song of the thursday: “malta,” remixed by v
April 14, 2011, 12:30 pm
Filed under: i'm just sayin, New music, remix

It’s rarely a good thing when the first song you hear and love from a band is a remix, since it usually provides zero indication of what they actually sound like. Disappointment often ensues.

A recent case in point: Superhumanoids’ “Malta,” as remixed by Lesands, is slow 80s-flavored chillwavey happiness (yes I said chillwave. whatever. i think it has actually earned a place in the lexicon, unlike, say, hipster crunk or whatever sleigh bells was).

The original, by comparison, is rock+synths = fine-but-not-especially-interesting. Crappers! I guess the lesson here is that Superhumanoids are probably great but Lesands is better. I have no backing whatsoever for this statement.

Now that I have so explicitly picked apart my feelings on the matter, I hope you can still enjoy this remix I so lovingly selected for your THUUUURSday.


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I am way the hell into this. WAY THE HELL

Comment by Steele

The original was fine, but yeah, this knocks you on your ass from the moment it starts.

Comment by Eric

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