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it’s the same song, dum dum! by v
April 12, 2011, 12:18 pm
Filed under: background noise, eh, i'm just sayin, New music, shit i don't get

I feel compelled to write briefly about the Dum Dum Girls again, because I just don’t freaking get it. Their new single, “He Gets Me High” could easily be on their I Will Be LP. In fact, I believe it already was.

Observe. Old Song:

New song:

I don’t mean to be awful — I find their music inoffensive, and I am not opposed to having it on in the background. Furthermore, they clearly have a sound that they’re after, and they’re hitting the mark. But maybe that isn’t so difficult when you make the same song over and over.

Just saying.


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No way. Different songs all the way. Very coherent 60s trip-out sound, though. It makes me want to Party with Peter Sellers.

Comment by Eric

and wash an elephant with the gang

Comment by v

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