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tail tales by v
April 5, 2011, 12:19 pm
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Initially I wrote this about the latest Ducktails record, Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics (it came out in 2010, but whatever):

I occasionally encounter records that really are ideal as background music…unobtrusive, inoffensive, but not something you ever want to commit your full attention to, lest you find yourself disappointed. Or maybe I just don’t have any attention span at all.

I’d say the new record from Ducktails falls under this category.


This album gets better with repeated listens. Now that I’ve actually gone to the trouble of paying attention instead of being a bitch about it, EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT

Ducktails III is sweet on the ears — spare, borderline camping-ish, firesidey ditties. It’s a short short shorty little record — most songs clock in under the three-minute mark, with the exception of the final track, “Porch Projector,” which is in fact a noodlefest: ten minutes of guitar strummery that lands it squarely in the Music to Fall Asleep To category. In a good way.

The man behind Ducktails (no relation to the Disney cartoon, best I can tell) is New Jersey-based Matthew Mondanile, also of Real Estate and Predator Vision.

Hear more at hisSpace.


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That’s a fine post, and it illustrates one of the many things I cherish about DYTMHIF. Unlike our former President, V has no problem changing her opinion on something (in light of fresh evidence).

Also, the patience required to listen to an initially bland album, multiple times, is BEYOND significant.

Oh sure, a lot of people claim to have “ears you can trust,” but, for real, can you? Can I trust them to put in the work, listen to an album 15 times, and thoroughly break down the results?

99% of the time, NO. They don’t have the attention span. But this is V & Steele we be talking about. They got discerning taste, a frank style and that oh-so-beautiful accountability.

Comment by Lehtola

what a gentleman!


Comment by don't you tell me how i feel.

For real. Be still, my heart!

Comment by Steele

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