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flashback friday: “jeremy” by v
April 1, 2011, 12:38 pm
Filed under: angsty boy alert, flashback friday, melancholy shit, scary shit

“Jeremy” was one of those videos that consistently ended up in the the top 10 of the 100 Ultimate Videos of the Universe MTV countdown, along with “Thriller,” “November Rain,” and “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” I assume it’s because it deals with children/mental illness/other Heavy Issues and they needed to include something besides anarchist cheerleaders and zombies. As many of us know, this PJ tune was primarily inspired by a kid who shot himself in front of a classroom in Texas in 1991. Yikes.

Those quick shots of newspaper clippings and the CLEARLY deranged children’s handwriting really set the mood for this one. Someone once told me there’s a specific letter that crazy folks all write in a specific way — the “maniac d” or something. Don’t quote me on that.

Anyway, I can get behind all of the unsettling imagery in this video until the shot of our boy Jeremy with flames surrounding him. Come now. It’s just not subtle.

But the most important sequence here begins at the 4-minute mark, where Vedder’s “hoo-hoo-hoo”-ing morphs into that “WHOAAAAAA AY AY AY AY AY” howl and his eyes GLEAM WITH MADNESS. The strobe light effect helps.

According to our highly credible friends at Wikipedia, the photographer who worked on this video took out a loan and sold all of his furniture to make it. Dedication! The unedited version actually shows Jeremy take out the gun and use it, but MTV put the kibosh on that — which created confusion about why the class was blood-splattered at the end.

Oh god this is the most morbid flashback friday ever.

Here’s a picture of a kitten in a pocket


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Super classic. The style of the video–colors, set design, film stock, editing–is definitely dated, but the imagery is still powerful and as relevant as ever. I just heard this song on studio monitors and it’s as if I just heard it for the first time. A lot of interesting production choices. Lead guitar strictly on the right and all backing vocals on the left? Such madness. All of this is totally worth coming back to. Good choice.

Furthermore, Barack Obama approves this cat.

Comment by Eric


Comment by Lehtola

Eddie could have used one in the “Jeremy” video…

Comment by Lehtola

They still rock it live, too.

Comment by db

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