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ringo a-go-go by v
March 28, 2011, 12:20 pm
Filed under: New music, Shit I Like, stupid band names

a senseless title for your monday!

File under names I want to punch: Ringo Deathstarr (also Delicate Steve, but I didn’t like their stuff enough to talk about). According to my south by southwesterly friends, the Beatles-indebted group (in name at least) put on an awesome show in Austin — where they’re based, incidentally. So I gritted my teeth and grudgingly listened.

My assessment: Ringo owes its life to My Bloody Valentine. Sneery male/female vocals, huge walls of noise. I think people refer to this as shoegaze? Talk about a senseless title.

I didn’t want to like it but dammit i do.

Hear more here.


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I ran into a fellow who said the same thing, but he phrased it a little differently. Something along the lines of, “if it weren’t for My Bloody Valentine, this band would be huge.”

My knowledge of MBV’s music, by the way, is still at a beginner’s level. I dig what I’ve heard thus far, similar to how I feel about Ringo Deathstarr.

Comment by Lehtola

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