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she’s a lady(tron) by v
March 21, 2011, 12:20 pm
Filed under: creepy in an awesome way, electronic, New music, robot?, Shit I love

I’ve been a giant fan of Ladytron, a synth-happy group from Liverpool, since they released their near-perfect debut, 604, in 2001. The group proffers cold and eerie electronic tunes, like robots who can only observe the world, wishing they could feel or something (not unlike Trent Reznor, I realized upon reading that sentence again. IS THERE A PATTERN TO THIS BLOG. HM.). 

Ladytron also has the distinction of playing the single loudest show I’ve ever seen (well, not including iggy pop). I seriously thought the bass was going to explode my brain and the floor of Webster Hall would collapse.

WITH ALL THAT SAID, I bring them to your attention today because they’ve released a new single, “Ace of Hz,” to accompany their new career retrospective album. The song is basically classic Ladytron (which is to say, perfect enunciation over cascades of synths), and the video offers a lush, jarring visual counterpoint — there are vines and flowers involved. But fear not; the ladies of Ladytron have nailed that steely-eyed android stare. There is nary a human to be found here.



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