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STILL ugly by v

Much excitement in DYTMHIF-land, as I have my hands on the new Malachai record. If you missed my post on them last year, go search for it or something. Quick recap: Malachai is a British duo that takes classic rock, purges the lame bits, and spits motor oil all over the whole mess. They’ve followed up their debut, Ugly Side of Love, with Return to the Ugly Side. And, well, it’s as ugly as the first. In a good way, of course.

Opener “Monster” is a heroic, soundtracky anthem, followed by “Anne,” showcasing Malachai as we know and love them: sinister vocals, drums that get the crap beat out of them, and a general feeling of stomping along in giant boots and not giving a shit. I’d say “Let Em Fall” (video above) and “Mid-Antarctica (Wearin Sandals)” are the standouts.

But there’s an interesting evolution here in the eerie lullaby of “Rainbows,” where singer Katy Wainwright’s vocal sweetens the standard Malachai grit, and the ominous, metronomic drumbeat of “Distance.” 

If anything, I’d argue that record two is darker on the whole. Ugly Side of Love had moments of levity in “Moonsurfin” and the goofy “Warriors” (yes, it references the ’80s movie), but Return is all solemnity, images of monsters, mournful wails and plodding sounds that leave you unsettled.

And jesus christ, check the macabre cemetery album art.



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There are few albums I love more this year V, but, for real, this is a pretty weak video, yeah? Methinks a song like that needs imagery wif a bit more OOOMPH.

Comment by Lehtola

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