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Guest post: Twentieth century foxtrot by Steele

Guest blogger Radio Free Walsh is here with yet another counterpoint to the much-debated “Lotus Flower” video.

A lot has been made of Thom Yorke’s latest YouTube jaw-dropper. The video for Radiohead’s new single, “Lotus Flower”, features the almost-aging British hipster wiggling and squirming his way through a solo dance number that might infringe on copyrights held by Michael Stipe and Iggy Pop.

I like the video to a point, but then I stop liking it. It’s too long, not enough happens, and it eventually makes me wonder if Thom Yorke is going to marry himself after he’s finished dancing.

And most importantly, I don’t need “Lotus Flower,” because I already had it. We all did.

I don’t mean to sound like an old man, but Jim Morrison was writhing around to his own bombast back when Thom Yorke was still sitting in soiled diapers (although, according to legend, Yorke’s shit didn’t stink back then, either).

Here’s a video of the leather-clad Lizard King getting his own self-loving groove on forty-some years ago. Just try not to get a boner.

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Comment by don't you tell me how i feel.

Well, it WAS written by Awesome Andrew.

Comment by Steele

Thank you for posting this, but for the love of god, please change my byline. Every fiber of my being rejects that nickname.

Comment by Andrew

Thanks. I owe you.

Comment by Andrew

In your heart and mine you will always be AWESOME ANDREW

Comment by Steele

He should instead be referred to as Senator Andrew Walsh.

Comment by Brady

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