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gainesville represent by v
March 7, 2011, 1:29 pm
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Saturday evening involved a trip to the Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn to see the spectacular Levek, of Gainesville, Florida. I think the end of winter means showgoing ramps up. Next month: PJ HARVEY AAAAAAGH.


Levek, who I mentioned on the blog once upon a time, crafts lush soundscapes (sundry drumming, flutes, ukulele) paired with the Paul-Simon-esque vocals of singer and band mastermind David Levesque. I caught the end of a Levek show in Gainesville last summer — which was a tease, frankly — so Saturday I was psyched to get the full experience.

ukes and flutes

The live show is a complex interplay of instruments that seems impossibly seamless…they really create an atmosphere, which sometimes involves bird sounds. Levesque is a riveting performer — as my friend pointed out, he’s clearly doing what he’s supposed to be doing, which, apparently, includes jabbing the underside of his neck to get a jumpy vocal effect (crazy). I pitied subsequent band Motel Motel, who were up next and sucked. Those Gainesville kids are a tough act to follow. TALENT IN GREAT ABUNDANCE.

If these guys don’t become a huge deal I’ll be damned.

in which singer david levesque resembles a seal

Post-show, Mr. Levesque (a friend of a friend) shared the travails of their journey from Florida: they’d driven his van up from Gainesville only to have it break down somewhere in New Jersey. Through some convoluted scheme involving a fake planned marriage proposal as a sympathy grab in order to get alternate transportation (I didn’t catch all the details), they made it to Brooklyn in time to perform. The question as of Saturday night was how they would continue their small tour (Boston and Philly dates were planned for this week) sans vehicle. Eek.

Godspeed, Levekians.

Listen to more Levek here.


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