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Just Beachy by Steele
March 3, 2011, 1:00 am
Filed under: Shit I love, Shows, sort of new music

We write about Beach House a lot on this blog. But you know what? We do it because they are wonderful. And we will not rest until 8 billion people know it.

I saw these two wacky kids again last week, and though nothing can top the ethereal perfection of the set that V and I saw at Radio City Music Hall last fall, it was pretty great. Singer Victoria Legrand even seems to have loosened up a little. She shared with the audience that she attended one of her first concerts at the venue she was now performing in: the Specials, when she was 11 years old. No wonder you’re such a weirdo, lady.

The music was gorgeous, as usual. Some of the young ones in attendance seemed to find the show really, um, touching, and were moved to make out and whatnot. As my friend Chris put it, “lot of grab-ass going on.” Well, what did I expect at an all-ages show?

Seriously, enough listening to me and get yourself some Beach House to listen to. Specifically, get Teen Dream. Also, here they are performing a new song last week at their NYC show.


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