don't you tell me how i feel.

“No Surprises”? by v
February 21, 2011, 2:48 pm
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I guess we have to talk about this “Lotus Flower” situation today. I don’t have much to say, except that half-closed eye plays a pretty big role in upping the creepy factor here, far more so than the electric shimmying. I could have lived without 5 minutes of interpretive dance, Yorkie. But you sure look like you’re having fun.


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I could not disagree more! I think I truly could not have lived without this. CREEPY IN AN AWESOME WAY

Comment by Steele

i definitely almost tagged it “creepy in an awesome way”

Comment by don't you tell me how i feel.

there are a few moments in this video that totally win me over, and they make me want to defend the whole thing. but the truth is, if genevieve walked in the room and caught me watching this, i can only begin to imagine what she would say. she’d set us all straight in a second. and i’m pretty sure she’d be right.

Comment by andrew

[…] lot has been made of Thom Yorke’s latest YouTube jaw-dropper. The video for Radiohead’s new single, […]

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