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flashback friday: “epic” by v
February 4, 2011, 1:30 pm
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Sometimes I wonder if I am going to inadvertently write the same Flashback entry twice. I think I’ve just been watching so many videos featuring unfortunate fashion that it’s like deja vu every Friday.

This Friday, of course, is no different. Ha.

Yeah yeah, we all know Faith No More made far more interesting shit than “Epic,” but let’s celebrate the glory of this multicolored melange of irrepressible 90sness. Eyeball-in-palm action, random lightning bolts and rain, shorts plus boots plus hair grown out to perfect headbanging length. Then shit suddenly gets real at the end with the gasping fish and exploding piano. Life can’t always be neon and flying V guitars. God.

And let us also revere the unparalleled, rubber-voiced (and rubber-faced) Mike Patton, who swings from whine to growl to falsetto with nary a ruffled feather. Although good lord, that’s quite the getup, sir.


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Notice how Patton’s wearing a shirt advertising for his high school band, Mr. Bungle, in a video for his brand new band, Faith No More. Classic.

And yes, the Bungle shirt does say:

“There’s A Tractor In My Balls”

Comment by Lehtola

Great factoid, Latoya!
I seriously loved this when it came out. I like to imagine that in an alternate universe, Courtney Love remained lead singer of FNM and that it was her who fronted the band in this song, wearing the same outfit.

Comment by Steele

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