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song of the thursday: “mykonos” by v
January 27, 2011, 1:45 pm
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Dear Self,

Why did it take you so freaking long to understand the badassness of Fleet Foxes? A few years back, their ridiculously cutesy name was on everyone’s lips. You heard a song or two in passing, but whatever. People were clearly jocking their shit plenty and they didn’t need your fandom. There were scores of other bands named after woodland creatures to spend time on. 

But last week for some reason, you started listening to their eponymous album repeatedly. Over the weekend, it was their Sun Giant EP, particularly the gorgeous, haunting “Mykonos.” And you said, GODDAMN. This sounds exactly like how dog-pee-in-gray-snow winter feels. 

I mean, it doesn’t sound like dog pee. But you understand. It’s creepy and vaguely hopeless but also beautiful in its COMPLETE DESTRUCTION OF LIFE.



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Brotherrrrr you don’t need turn me away…
I was waiting down at the ancient gate!

Comment by Lehtola

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