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Wiz kid by Steele
January 25, 2011, 1:00 am
Filed under: danceable, New music, Shit I Like

We’re overdue to post about Wiz Khalifa, a Pittsburgh rapper whose hometown loyalty is second only to his love of weed. He’s been gaining footholds in the scene for a while; His 2010 mixtape, Kush and Orange Juice, was one of the year’s successes, and hip-hop authority The Source named him “Rookie of the Year,” so it seems his time is now. He’s clever, a little goofy and brings a sense of melody to his songs (along with a thick cloud of pot smoke). I know I’ve taken this blog to a pretty uncool place lately, but hopefully I can regain some credibility by introducing y’all to this young man.

Black & Yellow by Shuttersandsounds

And here’s one for the weed-heads.

13 Still Blazin by EpicMinds


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yr boy played at the Steelers AFC game this weekend. “Black and Yellow”, natch:

Comment by andrew

I think “Still Blazin” would have been a better pick.

Comment by Steele

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