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(uh huh) her again by v
January 20, 2011, 1:06 pm
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This week we were gifted with yet another new song and video from PJ Harvey’s forthcoming Let England Shake, “The Words that Maketh Murder.” I rabidly await the record’s U.S. release next month.

However, unbeknownst to me, she released a single in December as well, which apparently got lost in all the merrymaking. So first things first.


As with the previous single we heard late last year, “Written on the Forehead,” “The Last Living Rose” also has a weirdly sunny feel — for her, anyway. I know I said something similar before, but on these new songs, she really sounds like someone who recently emerged from a coma. Shit’s all a little lighter. Of course, I’m comparing all of this directly to my feelings about the wailing death spiral of White Chalk (that would be terrified and riveted, mostly). By comparison, this is disco.

Best I can tell (I can’t always understand what she’s saying), “The Last Living Rose” takes the filth of the “goddamn Europeans” and twists it into an odd little valentine. The “ahhhs” at the end bring back a tinge of that good ol’ PJ suffering.


Well, obviously this has a far more badass title than #1, so points for that. Here, PJ hits all her maniacal high notes, abuses her autoharp, and employs a fearsome male chain-gang to chant in the background. It invites a stompalong. And it is by far my favorite track so far. 


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I’m more excited about this than I have been about an album in a long time. These songs have such a great sound – I don’t know how she can keep coming up with such unique moods for each record.

Comment by Steele

“By comparison, this is disco.”

That says it! I wonder if her upcoming Coachella set will follow suit…

Comment by Lehtola

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