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back in black by v
January 12, 2011, 1:17 pm
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I suppose this is part 2 of Shit I Missed in 2010.

I’m just getting around to hearing the Black Keys’ Brothers in its entirety. I admit that I wasn’t nuts about their two previous albums (Magic Potion and Attack and Release, though they had their moments, both suffered from a certain saminess), so I wasn’t frothing at the mouth to get at this one.

BUT. I should have been. And clearly everyone who wrote a top 10 list for 2010 knew that.

On Brothers, the Black Keys’ have reached an entirely new level. Originally, I fell in love with their dirty, sparse, two-dudes-in-a-garage-breathing-motor-oil-fumes-and-wailing-about-women sound, but this is the best possible evolution of that — the love-gone-wrong shit is still in effect, but the sound is so much fuller and lusher and gorgeous. Wah pedals, whistling, brass…holy crap.

The high point is easily the Jerry Butler cover “Never Gonna Give You Up,” a welcome foray into slow soul territory, complete with tinkling bells.

AAaagh I am just so happy for them. Triumph, for reals.

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You’re not the only one behind on this album V.

Comment by Lehtola

Me too, actually! JoJo burned me a copy but it was the same week I got the Kanye album, so I didn’t really give it a fair chance. I think I was expecting to be like the last album as well, which i also found boring. This has inspired me to give it another try. This comment sounds like I am writing a 3rd grade book report or something.

Comment by Steele

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