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this means war by v
January 10, 2011, 12:54 pm
Filed under: melancholy shit, New music, Shit I love, Shit I Was Late on

I’m trying desperately to catch up on all of the awesome music that I missed in 2010…a bunch of albums are sitting around on my hard drive that I haven’t fully processed yet. Deerhunter, I’m lookin at you.

Perhaps you’ve already heard of my newest band crush, Warpaint — Pitchfork reviewed them highly, NPR is on their jock, etc., etc As a friend pointed out, I slept on this one. Yeah yeah.

At any rate, the LA-based quartet released its first full-length album, The Fool, late in 2010. It’s a lot of melancholy, vaguely dread-evoking jams that perfectly befit midwinter malaise. There are moments that actually remind me of Tool, weirdly enough.

Of particular note is “Billie Holiday,” a moody reworking of Mary Wells’ “My Guy” that features the Warpainters spelling out the titular singer’s name like a bunch of morose cheerleaders. I can’t get enough of it.


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Is it odd that I wish these girls were uglier?

Comment by Lehtola

This makes me feel like shooting up or chasing the dragon or something. I mean that as a compliment! In a Mazzy Star kind of way.

Comment by Steele

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