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flashback friday: “cryin” by v
January 7, 2011, 1:29 pm
Filed under: flashback friday, not-new music, Shit I love

Ah, the Alicia Silverstone era. A more innocent time of bungee-jumping, navel-piercing, skinny-dipping, and being ogled by creepy old men while pumping gas with your your hot best friend. Well, I guess that last bit was from “Crazy.” Anyway, surely you recall.

Indisputably, Aerosmith made Alicia the video ho of the mid-90s. Funny how this serial-video-lady thing (Stephanie Seymour/Guns N Roses, anyone?) doesn’t seem to happen anymore. Or maybe I’m wrong. Do people even watch videos on TV with regularity anymore? I understand that MTV only airs shows about Dating Your Mom or Enrique Iglesias As A 17-Year-Old or various pregnant teenagers commiserating about diaper changes. Like I said, a different time.

On a somewhat related note, can we talk about Steven Tyler being a new judge on American Idol? Haven’t seen it, nor do I plan to…just as I had no interest in the Aerosmith Disneyworld ride or whatever it was. I’m content to exist in a world where Get a Grip was the last thing they ever did. My uninformed opinion is that American Idol is officially a train wreck. Except one that isn’t even fascinating on a morbid level.



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