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obey your master by v
December 6, 2010, 1:28 pm
Filed under: angsty boy alert, boox, Shit I Like

Master of Reality by John Darnielle is this tiny book (physically — it’s like 6.5 inches tall) that documents an Ozzy-obsessed teenager’s stay in an institution. We’re never sure exactly how or why he landed there, but we do know that they took his Walkman from him upon his arrival, much to his chagrin. He spends his time writing in a journal directed at the warden, breaking down every song on Black Sabbath’s Master of Reality in minute detail in a plea to recover his music player. It’s mostly pretty militant, but I think I’d give him the damn thing back. The kid is obsessed.

The highlight, for me, was the following passage, which reminds me of how Steele and I often like to imagine Trent Reznor as a normal person who occasionally has to call the gas company to report a leak:

“[Ozzy] has a voice like a weedwhacker some say but it would have to be a custom weedwhacker because it doesn’t sound like anybody else’s, and also it sounds kind of like you know him. Like, when Robert Plant is singing for Led Zeppelin, you can’t really think you’re ever going to see that guy at the arcade and play doubles on Galaga with him. But Ozzy, he sounds like the guy who changes your quarters at the arcade and you wonder, is that this guy’s whole job? Is he married? Does his wife say, ‘Did you have a good day at the arcade today?'”

Love it.


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