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clam up. or not by v
November 30, 2010, 1:19 pm
Filed under: New Shit That Sounds Old, shit i sort of like″The Warlock in the Woods

The Oakland-based group Shannon and the Clams reminds me a bit of the Detroit Cobras: distortion, tough-girl vocals, coy lyrics about love gone wrong and making/getting into trouble. Except I’d say Shannon sounds a little more red-cheeked and precious than DC’s Rachel Nagy. I think the Clams also have a touch of the I-wish-it-were-the-60s syndrome we’ve seen so many bands infected with of late.

Their album, I Wanna Go Home, became a bit tiresome quickly — it’s heavy on the slow-dance-ready numbers (especially “Surrounded by Ghosts” and “Take It Back”) that call to mind awkward shuffling at high school dances. Except I understand they grind at high school dances now. What can you do.

The highlights are the faster jams, like “Warlock in the Woods” (above) my favorite song off of Home.

Check their very cute website here


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