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flashback friday: The Breeders, “Cannonball” by v
November 5, 2010, 12:35 pm
Filed under: flashback friday, Shit I Like

Today, we pay tribute to our favorite drug-addled twins, Kim and Kelley Deal, whose Last Splash continues to own 17 years later.

This video for “Cannonball,” directed by Kim Gordon and Spike Jonze, is irrepressibly ’90s MTV…check the color-saturated, nonsensical quick-cut montages and closeups. I particularly enjoy the end, with the mirror-kissing and the teacup-tossing and the neon spandex and Kim Deal suddenly in a suit. Well then.

The process of procuring these celebrity directors went something like this, according to “The Secret History of the Breeders”:

Kim: See, we recorded in San Francisco, but then after about five weeks after the recording we went over the Golden Gate bridge and lived in Sausalito while we mixed at the notorious Plant studios there. And we lived on house boats. So on one of these house boats in april, I looked at Josephine and said: Do you know who I think would be a good video director? Kim Gordon.

Josephine: And I said: Has she ever directed a video before?

Kim: And I said: No, I don’t think so.


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