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November 1, 2010, 12:56 pm
Filed under: New music, Shit I Like

The Books’ The Way Out was a little dense for my liking on first listen — it’s packed tight with samples and difficult to penetrate. But I had a revelation recently that the samples are all fantastically insane. As a fellow Books fan put it, “The amount of time that went into finding all of those samples, producing that record, Good Heavens, it’s frightening.” Something about the way The Books stitch together human voices is engrossing on a completely different level from singing — each is a story unto itself, and you’re just listening for the next little snippet of madness.

In “A Cold Freezin’ Night,” we have what sounds like a seven-year-old playing evil treehouse games : “I can kill you with a rifle, a shotgun, any way I want to!” over a skittery baseline. Surely, someone will lose an eye.

I particularly enjoy “I Didn’t Know,” which you can watch above, but my favorite audio tale is easily “The Story of Hip-Hop,” below:

“Listen carefully. Shh!
I want to tell you a story about hip-hop.
Hello, little hip-hop!

He lived with his sister, skip hop.
And his brother, sly hop.

Now you see the trouble little hip-hop got into.
It was all because he didn’t look where he hopped.”


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