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cmj. part 1 of 3 by v
October 26, 2010, 10:56 am
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a blue blue frankie rose

For the uninitiated, CMJ is the College Music Journal, and it puts on a weeklong musicfest in NYC every fall, during which relatively little-known bands play 12-minute sets at approximately 30 shows before crowds of music snobs. Its rep has apparently suffered in recent years — In 2007, CMJ was busted for taking bands’ music-submission fees without actually listening to any of the music. And according to some festival aficionados I know, it does little in terms of raising a band’s profile as compared to, say, a South by Southwest.

So you can get a badge for $500 that gets you into all of the shows, or you can bank on other anti-CMJ groups (Pitchfork, for example) taking advantage of the music-hungry crowds and putting on shows that aren’t affiliated and often free. This is a boon for the badgeless (me).

Which leads me to part one of my CMJ adventure. This began on Friday evening at Coco66 in Greenpoint, where I saw Frankie Rose and the Outs and Light Asylum (a non-CMJ five-dollar show).

Light Asylum is a two-person electronic outfit featuring Shannon Funchess of !!! on vocals THAT MADE ME WANT TO DIE. The music was repetitive and headache-inducing…best I could tell, it was one 30-minute song with really aggressive vocals. Props to her for the stamina, but it could not have ended soon enough. Their accompanying light show was not worth noting. Kind of a bummer, given the name.

This drone eventually gave way to a set by the lovely Frankie Rose and the Outs, who I’ve already expressed buckets of love for on this blog. They were badass as ever, but suffered at the hands of an inept sound man who had turned the vocals way down, thus muffling the very soul of the group. CRAP!

Other bands, including the much-trumpeted Glasser, were up next, but we took off post-Outs, anticipating a long Saturday of shows. As it turns out, this was fortuitous, since the cops shut the place down for being overcrowded during the next band’s set. Suckers!

CMJ Part Two of Three coming soon…featuring the spectacular bespectacled Jamie Lidell.


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