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i heart iceland by v
October 13, 2010, 10:47 am
Filed under: Shit I Hate But Totally Love, wow

DISCLAIMER: I waffled on posting this for a long time because it seems so mean-spirited, even for me. But I couldn’t keep it to myself.

Ever since I discovered the Skaakamanage album sitting on a friend’s kitchen table a few months back, I think I have added approximately ten years to my life from laughter. The band is Icelandic, their album is called ALL OVER THE FACE, and the cover pretty much guarantees untold suffering for the child pictured later in life.

The crowning glory is the group’s insistence on singing in English. This yields such lyrical gems as:

After half a year of loneliness, the place is a mess and I couldn’t care less
Sometimes nothing happens everyday
I do the dishes without getting paid

Here’s my life where I left it
Nothing ever changes, everything’s the same
I enjoy the milk when the weather puts me down
What comes around goes around in this town

The boys are in leather and the girls are nude
Your children will never turn out like you
I thought it was summer when I saw these eyes but then I was beaten up by these guys

I will guide you the best I can
I will even stop sleeping for a while
Just don’t do something you will regret
Oh I forgot–It’s too late

You’re welcome


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