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a show, yo: casiokids by v
October 6, 2010, 10:46 am
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The show: Casiokids at Glasslands in Brooklyn, October 3

The openers: Local groups VonChina, Bikini and BRAHMS.

VonChina was an appropriately synthy group with a trendy-looking, suspender-clad frontman who I surprisingly didn’t hate. He appeared to be genuinely enjoying himself, despite the tiny crowd at 9:30-ish pm. Their set managed to evoke Stevie Wonder, Phil Collins, and the Talking Heads, sometimes all at once. Pretty sweet. Have a listen.

I skipped Bikini. Oh well.

BRAHMS, a trio of gents who were both manorexic and charisma-free, was largely forgettable. The group is led by Cale Parks, who was previously a member of several other indie acts (Aloha, White Williams) and has developed a sizable local following — a ton of people left once they were done playing (mistake!). Their new wave-influenced set was little more than a series of variations on a cheesy handclap beat. And what the hell is with the capital letters. Boo.

The headliner: Casiokids were every bit as jubilant and bright as I’d imagined. They smiled! They waved their arms wildly! They ran through the crowd while beating on cowbells! And did I mention their pineapple-shaped maraca. WELL SHIT. It was a cheery Norwegian dance party of the highest order.

It’s also worth noting that they’re all multitalented players — the band members swapped instruments constantly throughout the show (including a spectacular seamless drummer switch during the final, raucous “Fot I Hose”).

This was Casiokids’ second recent attempt at playing an NYC show — the first was canceled, making this performance all the more badass. After some digging, I discovered the first cancellation was linked to their winning some reality tv show hosted by A-Ha (I shit you not) where adorable Norwegian bands can go home with 10 g’s. They beat out a “hardcore rapper” for the title. Hmm.

a kinda crap pic i took at glaaaahhhsslands


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