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October 4, 2010, 12:06 pm
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The show: Belle and Sebastian at the Williamsburg Waterfront in Brooklyn, Thursday, Sept. 30

The assessment: Pretty good. Say, 3.5 stars out of 5. If we’re doing stars.

The opener: B&S were preceded by an exceedingly boring, I-feel-my-life-passing-me-by set by Teenage Fanclub, a band that, according to my concert buddy, is best known for beating out Nirvana in the ’90s for best album in Spin magazine. I think I need more details in order to comment appropriately, but let’s leave it at WTF.

The audience: Nerdy as all hell. Lots of girls with short hair who wouldn’t be out of place on the next B&S album cover. Ties. Suspenders. Other dapper accessories. You know the deal.

The headliner: The band sounded pretty lush, rounded out by a string section. Very few of the songs were from their new album, Write About Love, but the setlist was pretty varied, and heavily weighted toward Dear Catastrophe Waitress, which I’ve always loved. Unfortunately, they didn’t play their grandest jam — that would be the epic “Your Cover’s Blown.” In general, I find that my favorite B&S songs are the ones that sound the least like their typical fare. “Legal Man,” for example. At no other point in their oeuvre do they bust out a sitar, as far as I know.

Frontman Stuart Murdoch emerged wearing a scarf despite the 70-degree, muggy weather, and performed his fair share of fey little dance moves. He tossed footballs into the audience before “Lord Anthony” (the lyrics beseech a nerdy boy to take up the game), and later invited a motley crew of audience members onto the stage for a two-song dance party. Murdoch then bestowed a medal upon each for their participation. Though I enjoyed the oddness of the little ceremony, I am not a real fan of this interactive shit (the one exception being a Stooges show Steele and I attended a few years ago where Mr. Pop invited everyone to storm the stage and “DANCE WITH THE STOOGES!”). I mostly just feel embarrassed for everyone involved.

As a friend astutely pointed out the other night at a different show, “I hate songs where they need your help.”

Pictured: The show. I assure you they are not as demonic as they appear.

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