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guest post: twin shadow’s video is wack. by jojo by don't you tell me how i feel.
September 27, 2010, 10:44 am
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I never got over New Wave, and no one my age should. We didn’t discover the Smiths as a new band like you 40 somethings. Shit, Ian Curtis and Joy Division died before I got out of diapers. By the time I could walk, a Macarena-like line dance had sullied Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus.” That shit ain’t right.

Maybe I’m stuck in another decade. But I like it here.

It follows that George Lewis Jr. aka Twin Shadow grabs me. “Slow” and “I Cant Wait” are straight up Echo and The Bunnymen with a dash of New Order and a twist of Morrissey, but with a kick of something spicy. Like pepper in a pineapple vodka, amiright ladies? His wailing in “Slow” is so over the top — not quite fruity over the top like Morrissey, but a more masculine bellow. I can’t get enough.

But when I found the video for “Slow,” I got enough immediately. Too much actually. Specifically in the crotch region. There’s not even nudity or women in this video, and it is somehow the most pervy thing ever. I felt like a voyeur, like I was watching a movie with my mom and suddenly the actors starting railing each other on screen.

You will crave a cigarette by the end.

It starts out with someone interviewing Lewis, asking what he does for fun, what he likes.

“I like cars,” Lewis says.
“What kind of cars?” the interviewer asks as he pans to Lewis’s junk stuffed in tight jeans.
“Sports cars…” Lewis says.
The camera pans back to Lewis’s face.
“You like muscle cars?”
Lewis looks at the camera like he’s about to toss it out of the way and throw the interviewer on a bed.
“Yeah, I like muscle cars.”
Interviewer: “I bet you do.”

Adding to the gross, molestation feel: we’re stuck in a wood-paneled basement lit by a hanging lamp with strained-glass fruit on it.

By the end, Lewis is stripping off his shirt, drumming with a big sweaty grin and mouthing the lyrics to the camera. The interviewer tells Lewis he’s “a big talent,” before it fades to black. It felt like an after-school special, but this time the protagonist chooses the bad influences. And we kind of like it.


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Should be Not Safe For Psyche.

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